Friday, October 20, 2017

Holy wow, the Lindley Bothwell collection is finally getting auctioned off!

Yes, a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1926 pick up truck

The ex-Barney Oldfield, Eddie Maier c.1908 BENZ 75/105HP Prinz-Heinrich Raceabout

In 1908, the Prinz Heinrich Tour, a famous German race named after Prince Heinrich of Prussia – an ardent fan of the nascent sport of motor racing, was won by a Benz. In commemoration of this, Benz produced a limited series of factory racers and called them Prinz Heinrich models. One of just 10 ever created and of fewer surviving, Bothwell's extremely rare 1908 Benz 105hp Prinz Heinrich is the genuine article and was campaigned in period and then used by Bothwell and friends in historic racing events in the renaissance of the hobby.

The only surviving Two-Cylinder Packard in existence 1902 Packard Model G Four-Passenger Surrey

one of only two surviving Charlatans Peugeots, and the only one with Grand Prix history.

The 1913 Peugeot 4.5-Liter L45 is not only regarded by many as the father of all racing engines, but this specific car ran in the 1916 Indianapolis 500.

Decades later when Bothwell took the Peugeot back to Indianapolis to compete in the Veteran Class, he beat Dario Resta's 85mph lap record at over 103mph – a record that had stood for 30 years!

Tremendously historic and full of provenance, the significance of this race car cannot be overstated, particularly when one considers that it was this engine that inspired Miller, Offenhauser and a host of others. It is one of the most original and pure racing cars of this era

As seen in the 1995 feature film "Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill" 1981 Honda GL1100 Gold Wing Custom

Looking more like a cross between an antique steam boiler and a Roman chariot, this Wing-powered rig is a minor movie star, having had a bit part in the 1995 fantasy western "Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill," starring among others Patrick Swayze and Scott Glenn. In the film Glenn plays greedy land developer J.P. Stiles, apparently an early adaptor of mechanized transportation, whose company logo is embossed on the front and rear of the sidecar.

thanks to Hollywood prop masters not much remains recognizable from the bike's stock configuration.

how far do custom builders go to wow the car aficionados? Making a 1 piece dash for their car, and gauges, and steering column, etc.

to replace the 3 piece plastic original

A 1-piece aluminum door to door.

 The mounting screw holes are deleted as it mounts from the rear.

All the buttons have been relabeled for this cars features, the switches will be billet.

The four smaller gauge bezel sections are slightly larger and slightly angled toward the driver.

Being a 3D modeled piece, it can be easily modified and duplicated over and over and over again. Without all the design costs!

This is not a direct replacement piece, it requires mods for the non-stock gauges.

todays total wtf

this is from a Mosler Cadillac Twinstar. There is an engine up front, and one in back. 4 wheel drive.

Driving fails, Oct 2017

DEA and FBI seized cars are going to auction in Austin. Some Alabama pill mill car collection was seized and is now being liquidated

2005 Mercedes SLR McLaren
2008 Lamborghini Murcielago
2006 Saleen S7
1969 Corvette, just 19,000 miles, 350cu in
1994 Lamborghini Diablo
2007 Ferrari F430
2009 Spyker
2009 Ferrari 599
1999 Shelby Series 1,119 miles
1987 BMW M6
2005 and 2007 Bentley Continental
2005 Bentley Arnage
2006 Aston Martin DB9
2005, 2006, 2015 Porsche 911
2011 Audi R8
2013 Maserati
2011, 2013 SLS AMG Mercedes

thanks Gary!

when you're load is perfectly balanced, the road is slightly downhill, and you got places to be

Thursday, October 19, 2017

it's looking a lot like fall

a dyno results of a factory stock 426 hemi pull, 490Hp/490 ft lbs.

so that's a base line, and not including the losses through a transmission and gears to tires.

With original dual points, belt driven water pump, and you can image that some performance parts like headers and better ignition would bring more power.

Quite a donation,

The Center for Automotive Research recently received an assortment of treasured antiquities from the Reid Family Foundation, which is based in Waterford, Michigan. The donation includes the complete set of the historic Automobile Quarterly publication.

Gaudin Ford, family owned since 1922. First in business in California, in Las Vegas since 1955

George Gaudin’s family moved from Tennessee to Northern California in a covered wagon, accompanied by their livestock and almost nothing else. In his early 20s, Mr. Gaudin earned money working on his family’s lettuce farm. It was in this role that he accidentally stumbled upon what would be the world’s first commercial utilization of front-wheel drive in U.S. agriculture. One day, he realized he could get more power from his father’s Ford Model T Truck by putting the cab and bed on backward. The vehicle not only made his lettuce farming more efficient because it allowed him to get the produce to the markets quicker, but it caught the attention of Ford Motor Company.

In 1922, they approached Mr. Gaudin about his concept. The smart opportunist in Mr. Gaudin seized the moment and rather than accepting money, he spoke of his desire to become a Ford dealer and a deal was struck. The first “dealership” building was in Escalon, Calif. and opened in 1926. He moved the store several times in the next few decades to larger markets in the northern California area.

In the mid-1950s, Mr. Gaudin sold his Ford store in Salinas and moved to Newport Beach where he opened up Gaudin Ford in Buena Park, just minutes from the popular attraction, Knotsberry Farm.

In 1972, Mr. Gaudin decided to retire from active participation in the car business. He gave his sons-in-law the first right of refusal. The fork-in-the-road ultimatum resulted in the Buena Park dealership being sold to Fletcher Jones, and the Las Vegas dealership remained with his son-in-law, Don Ackerman.

Don's son got job experience working at Galpin Ford from 1974-1979

I just learned that the Nurburgring has an abandoned hill climb road, the Steilstrecke. 450 meters long, 27% incline

hear the Demon growl, grab a Demon themed cocktail and hear from Pennzoil and Mopar as they showcase the wickedly powerful Demon at the Shell “Pioneering Performance” experience at SEMA

Jim McCormick of Shell, famed precision driver Rhys Millen and Mopar’s Top Fuel driver Leah Pritchett will be on the Shell “Pioneering Performance” Live Stage from 5:40PM-6:40PM on Tuesday, October 31st

the robot wars video is out now, skip to 8:30, it's all wasting time and meaningless before that. Then you'll see it's over instantly, so skip to 13:00 through 16:00, then more wasted time until minute 20. Overall, it's lame. Nice try, complete waste of time though

how to find a car vinyl wrap installation company

Todays total WTF

this is the spare for this truck... and it wasn't discovered, until, you guessed it... they needed to use the spare.