Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I am so loving this, Marc sent me the photos of Georgies Gals, Helena and Angela. This is frickin cool

Ain't that the coolest damn thing you've seen all week?

What a cool as hell idea, same woman, with a demon tail or halo, red and white, with perfect names.

I'm going to look up the plane and see about the outhouse on the scoreboard.

Turns out, this warbird has previously borne the names "The Devil Made Me Do It," "Man Of War," and "Martha Jean."

innovate, adapt, and overcome.. and if you have a farm boy around, tell him the problem and soon enough he'll solve it

Donald Duck, angel with an attitude

insprired by "Donald's Better Self" short film

castle and car collection, and a few horse carriages too, the Chateau de Meillant (thanks Phil!)

a tractor with a striking resemblance to a drawing from an Oz book (Thanks Phil!)

it was a noble attempt, and a fortune spent, but the Bugatti 100P replica crashed, and is utterly destroyed.

The 100P is an unusual 1930s design that was the vision of Ettore Bugatti, who hoped to race the plane and perhaps sell the design as a potent French fighter. It promised record speeds from a combination of supercharged Grand Prix engines, contra-rotating propellers and forward-swept wings. But Germany’s invasion of France at the outset of WWII forced Bugatti to hide the 100P in a barn in the French countryside before it could ever be flown. It was rediscovered in the 1970s, brought to America and now resides in the EAA museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, having never taken flight.

Wilson, an Air Force veteran with more than 11,000 hours of flight time in everything from F-16s to corporate jets, hoped to reverse engineer Bugatti’s airplane. Wilson and his team reportedly spent more than $400,000 and 10,000 man hours to build the replica, which sorted out brake problems on it's first landing,

had a trouble free 2nd test flight, but on it's 3rd, took a left turn power dive and ... well. That is the end.

the worlds largest aircraft

The 302-foot-long, 143-foot-wide and 85-foot-tall Airlander 10 made its maiden voyage out of Cardington Airfield in Bedfordshire, England, on Wednesday, reaching a height of 500 feet and a maximum speed of 35 knots. The flight lasted about 20 minutes. The helium-filled aircraft has garnered a lot of attention for its massive size and distinct shape, but British manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicles is quick to point out that the Airlander 10’s design could be a game changer for low-carbon aviation.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

coolest thing I've seen all day, a drop tank toy car with a P 38

P-38L Lightning #40, s/n 44-25734 “Betts II” of the 71st FS 1st Fighter Group, Lesina Italy

Dear John P38, another impressive scoreboard, and with a cool mission symbol

BF Goodrich ad for F 82s

Daisy, named for Dagwood and Blondie's dog

Small dog silhouettes represent Daisy’s 26 combat operations.

Thanks Steve!

daring to be different, and a lot cooler, the Sugar's Blues mission markers are a woman diving

below is a painted replica, that didn't get the angle right.

Thanks Steve!

Sugar’s Blues’ nose art, is a copy of the famous pin-up girl by Vargas. The 21 bombing mission marks, were replaced with a silhouette of a diving female.

Since the aircraft’s squadron code was NA-S, her call sign would have been “S for Sugar.” Sugar’s Blues got its name from a popular wartime dance tune.

 Each of the diving figures represents a successful operation. The artwork on KB864 was painted by Wireless/Air-gunner Sgt. Tommy Walton. 

Bitchin' A 10 kill markers

Thanks Steve!

pure art

Thanks Steve!

Why American trains suck

get an eyefull of this, a set of DUKWs linked up carrying a P 38

P-38 California Cutie of the 20th Fighter Group, one hell of a scoreboard

the P 47 Magic Carpet, 175 missions replaced most everything at least once

That's why the wings are bare metal and the fuselage is painted.

After combat damage repairs and replacements of
3 right wings,
 2 left wings,
2 engines,
2 tail sections,
3 sets of gun barrels,
2 sets of landing gear,
2 canopies plus an instrument panel and fuselage tank.

The airplane was gifted by her support and maintenance crew with a new nickname: the "Flying Spare Parts Section".

The pilot, Harold Holt, started a business while still in college, selling rugs. Hence the nickname of his airplane, the Magic Carpet. He ran the business until 1990.

On July 11, 1944, Col. Holt's squadron and another squadron discovered a line of 60 German tanks - unknown to U.S. ground forces - advancing on Isigny, a town in France. Despite driving rain and intense antiaircraft fire, the squadrons destroyed 35 tanks and ended the threat.

through 133 low level combat missions; part of 156 fighter bomber missions, he was awarded 28 Air Medals. That's one ribbon, 27 gold oark leaf clusters. I'd like to see how the hell he displayed that. He was awarded many other medals, including the Silver Star.

check out the scoreboard!

And under the nazi flags are markers for buzz bombs, the Vergeltungswaffe 1 (V-1 flying bomb)

For that matter, under the trains, there is the vertical bomb, I get that, so, what is the angled bomb?

Sobriquet had the answer " Straight bomb is for a conventional drop and depart bombing mission, slanted one is a dive bombing mission. Under that is a broom,for a "clean Sweep" -destroyed enemy, fired all ammunition, dropped all ordnance, returned undamaged "

Steve found a likely answer on wikipedia: skip bombing attacks

 Wiki says "P-47 pilots frequently carried two 500 lb (227 kg) bombs, using skip bombing techniques for difficult targets (skipping bombs into railroad tunnels to destroy hidden enemy trains was a favorite tactic)."

a truck, a crane, and a plane. cool photo

John Wayne in a P 47 at New Guinea

BEKAMO Československo 1923-1930

brand new, still in the box. Batteries not included

What in the world?


who gets lumber with a Mercedes? They can afford a rental truck!

Harley powered dragster

the good old days at Lions with the Inch Pincher

A kids size bug, that would be so fun

Why have people let cool little bugs become yard art?

Sikorsky moving bugs

Monday, August 22, 2016

the 15,000 th Curtiss fighter plane. It wasn't enough to keep Curtiss from going out of business right after WW2 though.

Mild and Bitter, signed by the 322nd Bombardment Squadron

a step closer to having computers race cars, and why not, F1 is boring as hell.

Shell oil is focusing on making relationships with mechanics in India

Mansi Madan Tripathy, Chief Marketing Officer, Shell Lubricants India said, ‘Shell Mechanic Samriddhi Program’ was conceptualized as a unique and differentiated loyalty and engagement platform to connect with mechanics. The program aimed at strengthening our value chain further and increase recommendations for the brand.

Utilizing the ‘simplicity and ease of use’ of basic 2G mobile technology, we created this integrated platform with a vision of making Shell the preferred brand for the top Indian mechanics and we are proud of the relationships we have fostered along the way.”

Launched by Shell Lubricants India the concept behind the award winning ‘Shell Mechanic Samriddhi Program’ was to design a loyalty program for mechanics with a view to reward their loyalty and build a long-term sustainable relationship with the mechanic community. This point based program urged mechanics to submit codes available on packs and redeem gifts towards the end of the program period.

The program’s reward structure aimed at addressing the mechanics’ day-to-day needs while focusing on their key emotional needs such as insurance, scholarship for their children, training with OEM experts etc.

Being a one of its kind disruptive innovation undertaken by any company in the Indian lubricant industry; the program employed blend of innovative communication and creation of multilevel engagement platforms to engage and enrol the mechanics.

The platforms uses basic mobile 2G technology, website and on-pack communication, to reach the mechanic community at a pan India level. The program witnessed enrollment from notable 30,000 mechanics with 15,800 qualifying for rewards and benefits offered by the program.

Shell Lubricants continuously strives towards creating experiences and memories for consumers and influencers through quality product deliverance and integrate each member of the value chain as brand ambassadors.

planes under a train... rare occurance